Diplôme d'Université International Business with French

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Objectifs de la formation

A one or two semester business programme for English-speaking students and the opportunity to learn the French language and experience the way of life in France.

Students who successfully complete the two semesters will be awarded the Clermont-Auvergne University diploma in International Business with French.

Organisation de la formation

This programme is taught entirely in English and is designed to deal with contemporary business issues within a European and international context. Importantly, students will have the opportunity of learning the French language and of appreciating life in France.

Based in Vichy, in the very heart of France, students will have the possibility to study in a magnificent university campus. All leisure and cultural activities are available and Vichy is ideally situated to discover the south of France, Paris and other European countries.

Each semester, students should complete at least 30 ECTS, the French language classes being compulsory.


European History

EU history, structures and policies, unity and diversity

Negotiating techniques

Negotiating in practice

Principles of management

Business Project

Project management

Doing Business in France

Selling in other countries

International Business

Research Project

French language 1,2 et 3


Cross-cultural communication : theory and fundamentals

Cross-cultural communication in practice

Principles of finance

France as a tourist destination

The European Union : unity and diversity

Business strategy

Export sales management

International Marketing

International Business

Research Project

French language 1,2 et 3


Course organization

  • The academic year

The academic year consists of two semesters : the fall semester and the spring semester. On the International Business with French programme, the fall semester starts in September and finishes in December. The spring semester goes from February to end-May. There is a break in the middle of each semester and a break between the end of the fall semester and the start of the spring semester.

  • The credit system

Academic achievements at the Clermont-Auvergne University are compatible with the American and European credit systems. The transcript shows the number of credits the student has been awarded.

  • Teaching methods

Teaching is carried out in various forms such as lectures, seminars, group work and independent study. Lectures are given in small groups and the students are encouraged to participate and ask questions. Attendance is, in general, compulsory and always recommended.

In some classes students are required to present a paper, often in collaboration with one or two fellow students, at a seminar. Students are expected to participate in discussion. The paper normally carries some of the credits awarded to the class.

  • Examinations

A class may be examined in various ways. A written or oral examination plus presentation of a paper is a common type of examination. Typically, group papers are discussed in seminars towards the end of the semester and a written examination takes place at the end of the semester. Sometimes continuous assessment is used and is based on compulsory attendance and participation throughout the semester.

A student who fails an examination can re-sit the examination.

Cheating is severely punished. All incidents are reported to the Advisory Board of the Faculty and can lead to suspension or expulsion from the university.


Les informations ci-dessous sont données à titre indicatif et peuvent faire l'objet de mises à jour.

Programme en cours de validation



Students from universities which already have exchange agreements with the Blaise Pascal University can register for one or two semesters on the International Business with French programme (depending on the number of places available).

Students from other universities can also register for one or two semesters, but will have to pay tuition fees. Please contact us for details.

Upon registration, students are required to have national health insurance.


Students should have a good command of the English language. No proficiency in French is required. This programme is taught at third-year undergaduate level.

Date de debut de la formation

3 septembre 2018

Droits de scolarité



Free of charge for exchange students



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